NYLAARN Bio-Yellow “Mud Flaps” Blend Sunglasses - Auto-Darkening Rosé-to-Gray + Blue Mirror

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NYLAARN Bio-Yellow “Mud Flaps” Blend Sunglasses - Auto-Darkening Rosé-to-Gray + Blue Mirror

Our impact-resistant polycarbonate rose-colored trail lenses feature state-of-the-art photochromic technology, specifically designed for changing light conditions. When activated by UV light, the lenses change color from nearly clear to fully-dark gray with a blue mirror (VLT: 80 to 18%), then quickly revert back to their original state in lower light. Our anti-reflective coatings prevent glare on the inside surface of the lens while high-tech oleophobic coatings reduce smudging from oils, liquids, and sweat. Flexible and durable, our frame material is a hypoallergenic bio-based nylon polymer with a high-resistance to chemicals (like sunscreen), making them a perfect fit for all kinds of activities – whether you’re riding, running, or hiking your favorite peak.

Technical Details:
  • Lens Material: Impact Resistant Polycarbonate with Photochromic Technology
  • Frame size: 56mm Lens, 16mm Bridge, 138mm overall width, 145mm temple length
  • Lens Color: Low-light Rose which Darkens to a Dark Gray Sunlens with a Blue Mirror During Exposure to UV/sunlight
  • Coatings: Anti-Reflective and Oleophobic
  • ABBE: 34
  • VLT (Visible Light Transmission): 80 to 18%
  • CAT: 1 to 3
  • Frame Material: Bio-Based Nylon Polymer* (“Nylaarn”) with TPE temple tips and machined titanium screwless hinge components
  • Weight: 26.0g
  • Accessories: Hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth / pouch

*This is a high-performance engineered polymer made from renewable castor bean oil instead of fossil fuels, it is NOT compostable.


About this product line:

Introducing AARN brand’s “Nylaarn” Bio-Based Nylon Polymer Sunglasses, designed, engineered, and manufactured by Aaron Panone in Massachusetts, USA. These sunglasses do not come from an eyewear factory: Nylaarn sunglasses frames are made using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques from a proprietary formulation of bio-based renewable raw materials, with less negative environmental impact than traditional crude-oil based plastics. The patent pending “post-aero” frame design is fast, lightweight, and comfortable, featuring a unique screwless titanium hinge that was developed by Aaron over the last 8 years. The temples are designed to flex and hold snugly, preventing slippage during even the most demanding of activity levels, and lenses come “fully-loaded” with deluxe features honed from over a decade of eyewear development experience - From the base material, to color enhancement, optical attributes, and premium coatings, these lenses are designed for a broad range of applications, from rigorous sports use to everyday wear. A closed-loop end-of-life recycling program ensures that this item will never end up in a landfill or on a barge to another country.

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